Attendance Reporting/Safe Arrival

Student Safe Arrival

Parents no longer leave a message on their school's answering machine/Safe Arrival line. Our new system handles the majority of parent contact (including phone calls) when a student absence is unexpected. This also allows parents to interact directly with the system in the following ways:

  • by phone when the system calls you or when you want to initiate a call to notify that your child will be absent
  • by internet through a login controlled web page interface
  • by a Smart phone app (iOS and Android version; both available for free)
  • NEW: We are improving our communication through SchoolMessenger by offering a text message option for parents. Activate this free service by sending the message 'Y' or 'Yes' to the District鈥檚 short code number: 978338. You can opt out of these messages at any time by replying to a message with 'Stop.' 

In the preferences on the SchoolMessenger App, parents can select the style of message that they wish to receive for certain school messages. For example, parents may wish to receive a text message for a morning call (Safe Arrival) instead of a phone call.

Safe Arrival









All parents are asked to please report student absences before 8:30 am on the day of the absence (you can also report absences in advance, if they are known).

To report an absence you may choose to:

  • call the toll free # 1-844-350-2647 or
  • access the following website:  or
  • download app from  or 

Please choose the reason for your child鈥檚 absence from school: sick, appointment, family vacation, etc. Don鈥檛 forget to wait for confirmation # to ensure your child鈥檚 absence has been recorded. A registration email will be sent to parents in advance. These emails are not spam and will contain specific parent login information for the system, as well as instructions on how to log in as a parent to report your child鈥檚 absences. If you do not connect with the system by 8:30 am on the day of your child鈥檚 absence from school and when the teacher has completed attendance for his/her class, then a report will be dispatched for all.

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