Legacy Grant

The Legacy Grant Initiative was established in April 2019 to provide Parent Advisory Councils and Family of Schools with the opportunity to match their funds for initiatives with funds from the District's Business Company.

Today, the Legacy Grant continues to support students, Parent Advisory Councils and Family of Schools with funding for activities that are accessible to a diversity of learners, incorporate learner-centered experiences and demonstrate alignment to the District Strategic Plan, School Learning Plan and or the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement.

The Board of Education, at its February 28, 2022 Public Board meeting, approved the criteria to include the following:

  • School experiences: field trips, student retreats, student conferences, events, extracurricular club expenses
  • Supplies: play and physical education equipment, library refresh
  • Legacy Artwork: for a new school, or the reopening of an existing school

Approved projects may qualify for matching funds to a maximum of $10,000, and release time will not be considered.

Applications are reviewed twice a year in the spring and fall. Deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring application deadline: March 31
  • Fall application deadline: September 30

The Board of Education will announce the successful applicants by April 30 and October 31 of each year. Successful applications will include representation of rural, urban, secondary and elementary schools and will agree to participate in communicating about their project in the form of presentations and media interviews.

The next deadline application is September 30, 2024.  Application form can be found here.

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