Alternative & Adult Education

Twin Rivers Education Centre (TREC) is designated a Type 3 Alternative Education School.

Alternate education programs focus on educational, social and emotional issues for students whose needs are not being met in a traditional school program. An alternate education program provides its support through differentiated instruction, specialized program delivery and enhanced counselling services based on students鈥 needs. (BC Ministry of Education and Child Care)

Students who attend alternate education programs are often the most vulnerable population in the school system. Alternate education programs have disproportionate numbers of children and youth in care, Aboriginal students, children and youth living in poverty or the street, gifted children who have difficulty in social situations, children and youth involved in drugs, alcohol and the sex trade, and youth with mental health concerns. Alternate education programs offer an opportunity for these vulnerable and at-risk students to experience success. (BC Ministry of Education and Child Care)

糖心Swag offers a variety of alternate programs for students from ages 12 through adult. The programs are run through the Twin Rivers Education Centre (TREC), which is located at 655 Holt St. Programs include Alternative Education, Bridges, Four Directions and a variety of Continuing Education options.

Contact the at (250) 554-3438 or  at (250) 376-7072 to learn more!

Alternate Education

TREC鈥檚 Alternate Education program provides an alternate learning environment designed to serve secondary students, in grades 9 鈥 12, who are more likely to succeed in a smaller, more personal, and flexible setting. Schedules are created with the student to allow for a flexible, self-paced program to meet each individual鈥檚 needs. This program meets the educational, social, and emotional needs of students through supports provided by on-site staff and through connecting students to appropriate agency supports.  There is a focus on Core Competencies to help foster skills in intra- and inter-personal skills, communication and self-advocacy to set students up for success.

On-site staff include, but are not limited to: School, Drug and Alcohol, and Aboriginal Education Counsellors, Learning Assistance staff, Teachers, Aboriginal Education Workers and Educators, and Certified Education Assistants.

Entry to the program is based on a referral from the student鈥檚 home school to Twin Rivers Education Centre.

Bridges Program 

The Bridges Program is an intervention program located at TREC which is designed to assist younger students who are having difficulties in the transition from the elementary to the secondary system. The program focuses on the individual needs of students while emphasizing core subjects (reading, writing and math), social responsibility skills and community interactions. The main goal is the successful reintegration into a local high school.

The Bridges Program provides a smaller class size with a teacher and school support worker. There is also a TREC counselor, learning assistance teacher and administrator to provide the necessary support.

Four Directions
The Four Directions School is located at 655 Holt Street. Four Directions is an alternate secondary school for aboriginal students offering curricula and special programs promoting First Nations culture and pedagogy. There are 34 students in this program, a full time program coordinator, two teachers, an Aboriginal Education Worker, a Certified Education Assistant and an Aboriginal Family Counsellor. Students interested in this program enrol at TREC, are then referred to the Four Directions program through the administration and TREC school counsellor.
Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Programs are located in a variety of classrooms in our community. The classroom at North Hills Mall is our main classroom and is available to adults 18 or older. Students attend the program are offered upgrading, literacy courses and the opportunity to complete the Adult Dogwood Diploma. This program is free to BC residents.

All courses are paper based and self paced. All courses are guided by 糖心Swag teachers, Literacy Outreach Workers, and trained volunteers.

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