Enhancing Student Learning Report / District Learning Plan 2022-2023

District Learning Plan 2022-2023 (At-a-Glance)
糖心Swag is excited to present the results from Year 1 of our 5-Year District Strategic Plan. The results are reported in the District Learning Plan 2023 (Enhancing Student Learning Report 2022-2023). You can access it in PDF format or below on this webpage.
For a quick overview, check out the one-page District Learning Plan 2022-2023 (At-a-Glance).

 District Context

The Board of Education is cwes茅t-kt (walking together) with the Aboriginal Education Council with representatives from the seven local First Nations, M茅tis Nation, and District. We work collaboratively with partners and elected officials to meet the needs of 12 rural-urban communities: Kamloops, Pinantan Lake, Heffley Creek, Sun Peaks, Barriere, Clearwater, Vavenby, Blue River, Logan Lake, Savona, Chase, and Westwold. Read more.
District Strategic Plan
2022-2023 was the first year of living our 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, which emerged from consultation that started and ended with cycles of ongoing review with the Aboriginal Education Council. Read more.
District Strategic Engagement and Continuous Improvement Cycle
We are committed to continuous improvement that is centered on the five priorities in our District strategic plan, multi-year district and school improvement plans, meaningful evidence about impact on students, capacity- building through professional learning and collaboration, and engagement with the Aboriginal Education Council, parents, students, staff, and community partners. Read more.
Student Performance Data Analysis & Interpretation

Continuous improvement depends on sharing meaningful student evidence as the basis for system-wide improvement. Throughout, we have relied on district and provincial results, and we have data in the appendix in addition to data provided in this section. Read more.

District Successes, Needs, and Adjustments for Success in 2023-2024

Capacity-building through professional learning is essential for system-wide improvement. The design of professional learning is to support adults to achieve an inclusive, culturally responsive, and differentiated (whole group/tier 1, small group/ tier 2, individual/tier 3) pedagogical vision. This vision of learning shapes both classroom practices for students and professional learning for staff. Read more.


We continue to learn together and inquire into pressing issues as opportunities to adjust and reflect on impacts on students鈥 learning as related to our District Priorities. We welcome feedback on our plan and see this document as one that necessarily must change as we gather information and see new possibilities for continual improvement.

Appendix A: Student Results
Appendix A: Student Results. Read more.
Appendix B: Moving into Action (Department Work Plans)
Appendix B: Moving into Action (Department Work Plans). Read more.
 Appendix C: District Successes, Needs, and Adjustments for Success in 2023-2024

Appendix C: District Successes, Needs, and Adjustments for Success in 2023-2024 (Detailed). Read more.

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